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About Todd Pyke

A  San Diego native, Todd Pyke began his musical journey at the age of six. Nearly a decade of private music instruction, followed by intense classical guitar study at Grossmont College under Fred Benedetti, led to a professional career.

  • Appeared on MTV and won 11 guitar contests including Washburn’s “Hottest Guitarist” in Hollywood, CA.
  • In 1998 Todd founded the non-profit Encinitas School of Music. He directed school operations while teaching guitar and bass.
  • The Encinitas School of Music grew to 17 instructors and over 270 students a week.
  • In 2006 Todd formed an original hard rock act Todd Pyke – NEXUS and began focusing on a solo vocal/guitar act.
  • From 2009 to 2011, Todd could be seen performing his vocal/guitar act at special events and concerts around the greater San Diego area.
  • In 2010 Todd reinvented his curriculum as a guitar teacher and started Dr. Todd’s Zen Music School in Encinitas.
  • Todd performs private and corporate events around San Diego for the Xceptional Music Company.
  • Todd is currently working on a solo French/jazz CD and a textbook for learning how to read music on guitar and online education service.



I believe that anyone can learn to play music and enjoy all of the personal growth benefits that come from the discipline of studying, performing and creating music.

It is my mission to help students achieve awareness through music.

Participation in my program requires a commitment on your part similar to that of a sports team.  You may be required to come two to three times a week and spend at least 30 minutes practicing at home each day.

I start all students with a classical approach, and all students are expected to sing and use their voice as a learning tool.  As my students develop, I expose them to different styles and techniques allowing them to branch out into electric instruments, improvisation, composition, recording arts and more!

Practice sessions should be divided into two or three different facets of musicianship, depending on what was administered in the previous lesson.  Maintaining focus and keeping a fresh mind are essential for musical growth.  Practice sessions should happen (as often as possible) at the same time and place each day, and should not exceed 30 minutes without a break.

Dr. Todd’s School and Retail Store

Specializing in Guitar Lessons, Student Level Instruments, Accessories and Instructional Supplies

Located in the Encinitas Activity Center
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Encinitas CA 92024

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Entertainment for Hire

Todd performs private and corporate events around San Diego County for the Xceptional Music Company.

He is available for hire for the following:

  • Classical Guitar  – WEDDINGS, PARTIES, EVENTS
  • Contemporary Classics – RESTAURANTS, PARTIES
  • Session Player – LIVE OR STUDIO
  • Music Production
  • Music Direction

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Fan Zone

Check out some of Todd Pyke’s music.


circa 1989

Guitar contest at Guitar Trader in Clairemont, CA 1989. Paganinni from Crossroads, arranged for classical guitar and performed by Todd Pyke

Washburn Guitar commercial (30 Sec)

circa 1994

Todd Pyke was the first place winner Washburn’s “Hottest Guitarist Contest” in 1994 in Hollywood, CA. This is the 30 second commercial featuring Todd Pyke performing his original music on Washburn guitars.

The Little Drummer Boy

Dec 25, 2014

Solo guitar version of The Little Drummer Boy by Todd Pyke in G with drop D tuning.

Recent Albums

Todd Pyke – Nexus

Genres: Rock, Music, Pop

Released: Nov 19, 2009

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Genres: Classical, Music

Released: Nov 12, 2009

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Todd Pyke Romantic Guitar

Genres: Latino, Music, World

Released: Jun 02, 2008

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Dr. Todd Zen Music School
Located in the Encinitas Activity Center
613 Westlake St.,
Encinitas CA 92024